Dressage To Music Clinics

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with Lucy Fallen, International Dressage Rider




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For those who wish to run a clinic, the minimum number is four per session. It is usual to have a day set aside for these clinics, so riders can be put in groups where the size of horse or pony can be matched. Gaynor supplies the sound system for all clinics and demonstrations, so don't worry about that. As she comes from Carmarthenshire, West Wales, for Centres over 50 mile distance, it is quite a good idea to have a Lecture Demonstration as well as a Clinic set for the following day.You will have the benefit of a session with LIVE music and drums, as well as tuition. The session can be aimed at Floor Plan and Music design for a Freestyle Test, or can be a Schooling to Music Session.

Clinic Prices

Individual Session

The cost is £155 per person for total package with Lucy Fallen and  Gaynor. You get 45 minutes of dedicated one to one with Lucy creating your FloorPlan, whilst Gaynor plays live keyboards at the side of the arena. Thus you are able to experiment with music, whilst you are coached by Lucy. Lucy,an extremely talented competitor at Advanced Level, will write you a floor plan which will not only suit your horse, but will be innovative, artistic, and build in degrees of difficulty to reflect your horse's strengths. This will be the start of your artistic Freestyle to Music Test. When your choreography is done, you will be filmed riding your test. You will discuss with Gaynor what music you would like, and Gaynor will produce you a 100% accurate Competition CD back in her Recording Studio. Please note, as a highly qualified, and very experienced session musician, Gaynor records your music from scratch as a continuous piece vof music with all the transitions and paces matching your test perfectly. Unlike other people producing compilations for Competition CDs, Gaynor does not rip or use any music recorded by any other artist, thus you will have no copyright issues, and your music will be unique.