Competition Music for Freestyle, by Gaynor Colbourn

Gaynor has produced tailor made music for thousands of riders worldwide over the years, so choosing photos for the rider gallery is really difficult as there are so many, and the list grows daily, but here are a few

zoe robert    cruise  lucy fallen 1    bh3     Paul Hayler  diamond jubilee _ monty__0001

roxwell ridden by bobby hayler_0001  walero_0002_0003  chloe saumur  fin  YHL4

  gabs1  matt cox Bobby  zoe robert gaynor

poodlewinner  aimee witkin

Recent Winners

chloes scoresheet

Chloe Vell, 3rd in the Kur at Saumur International, with the highest music/artistic mark,

Philippa Bishop 1st in PSG Kur

Paul Hayler and Bobby Hayler have recently won their respective Freestyle to Music Classes on Diamond Jubilee and Floriano. 

Jane Nelmes, Will Bambra, Chloe Vell, Nicola Howell, Helen Boss, Aimee Witkin, Amelia Bambra, Jonathon Boswell, Matt Cox, the list goes on ..................................... 

nicola Jonathon Boswell


Nicola Howell on Fin qualified for the Pet Plan Finals. Jonathon Boswell on Dacapo, who won their Freestyle to Music Medium Test


aimee witkin  aimmee witkin2

Aimee Witkin

      pip1  julia and willis   00064_0005  starlight pairs_0002

 00060_0002  00060_0004  

    team hayler and gaynor

gaynor dressage to music handout 


Gaynor has produced unique competition music for some of the World's best known Dressage Riders, as well as dressage riders from Riding Clubs, individuals, anyone who has asked her to produce a Competition CD. They are ALWAYS unique, as each one is made to the exact tempo and timing of each individual horse and test. The type of music is up to you, but Gaynor always tries to build the horse's name or personality into the music, as this adds to the enjoyment of both the rider, and the respect of the judge, for being so clever. Gaynor works either by coming to see the rider perform the test, in which case she has first hand knowledge of the test, using a metronome and srtop watch to ascertain the EXACT timings of transitions, and the EXACT tempo's of the horse in every pace. Gaynor's music always enhances the performance, as the artistic element will score highly, and having tailor made music actually aids the rider to maintain rhythm and cadence.

Riders using Gaynor's Competition music have appeared successfully at many International Events including Goodwood International several times, The Horse of the Year Show.

The music is tailor made, and recorded instrument by instrument, Gaynor plays and records the music herself, and builds up the music track by track, until she is content that it is perfect. Each piece of music for a test lasting up to 6 minutes, takes several hours to record, mix and master. For clients who wish to have a whole band including Orchestras, Drums, Percussion, Guitar and Bass for their Competition Piece, this is possible as well. You can have ANY style of music, from classical to current, jazz to rock. The choice is yours, but remember it must suit the horse and occasion. These Competition CDs are NOT ripped CDs making a mash up, the transitions are played as part of a continuous piece of music, not joined together tracks. This gives cues, fluidity and an artistic piece of music.

Competition Music CD £125 plus pp

The cost of the CDs has been kept as low as possible to make the tailor-made music accessible for all riders. 

From £100 plus travel expenses if relevant. 

From £200 for Band Session plus travel expenses if relevant.