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Dressage and Schooling to Music by musician Gaynor Colbourn from 1981 to present day as Gaynor continues to work with  many of the UK's leading International Riders, as well as less well known riders of all levels.

Gaynor Colbourn, a highly regarded session musician, composer and producer, and highly proficient dressage rider herself, studyied under Pat Manning FBHS, and was instrumental in the concept and progress of Dressage to Music as a sport. In 1980, in conjunction with Britains leading Dressage rider, Jennie Lorriston-Clarke, Gaynor started the   now well known Dressage to Music. Their first competition working together was the Grand Prix Dressage to Music Competition held at Goodwood, and judged by Prima Ballerina, Merle Parke. Jennie, riding the mighty Dutch Courage, won the competition, and Gaynor was presented with the Merle Parke Rose Bowl Award for artistic achievement.

TV Programmes. Following this, the BBC and Independant Television produced several films and programmes about Gaynor's unique work in Dressage to Music. Gaynor and Jennie then worked closely together, doing several Lecture Demonstrations about Dressage to Music. Their first Demonstration was in 1981, at Wellington Riding near Reading, when Jennie rode Dutch Gold, and Dutch Courage to Gaynor playing live keyboards in the arena. This had never been done before, and meant that Gaynor was following the tempos and movements of the horses, giving a spell binding spectacle for the audience.

The demonstration included a pairs to music, and the Finale was the most spectacular display of a precise and awe inspiring Grand Prix  Freestyle to music, with Jennie and Dutch Courage. Gaynor had been to Catherston Stud, timed Jennie's Test to the second, and ascertained all the pace tempo's, including the speeds of transitions, lateral movements, piaffe and passage. Then Gaynor had played and recorded the very dramatic music in her recording studio, and the result was the very dramatic performance by Jennie on Dutch Courage, where they entered in darkness, the intro music being a fanfare, spotlights on, then a beautiful passage to halt and salute. The performance was marvelous, and the music and horse were in absolute  union. The power of Dutch Courage, and the music made a spectacle that had never been seen before, making a magical atmosphere. It is fair to say, there was not a dry eye in the auditorium after that performance. Paul and Bobby have since used Gaynor's music in competition, with fantastic results.

Gaynor's Unique Demonstrations. At a past Demonstration with Paul and Bobby Hayler, the audience were thrilled with the spectacle of Roxwel, Novice,l ridden by Bobby, Diamond Jubilee, Medium, ridden by Paul, Floriano,PSG ridden by Paul, and Active Walero, Grand Prix, ridden by Bobby. Gaynor played live music for all the horses, while Paul gave the audience a summary of what was required in a freestyle at each level. Each horse was then ridden to a prepared piece of music, which Gaynor had produced to match the test and paces of each horse exactly. The Finale was Bobby, with Walero bedecked with lights in his mane and tail, entering in Passage to music composed and recorded by Gaynor. This display was outstanding, and a link to the film is included below.

Another demonstration in Wolverhampton, with Junior International Rider, Chloe Vell, who came 3rd with Gaynor's music at the DSaumur International, International Para Rider Phillipa Bishop, who won her PSG recently with Gaynor's music, and Grand Prix Rider, Leonie Smith, showed the horses working to just Gaynor playing keyboards. The riders, with the aids of Gaynor's exactly timed music, asked more of their horses than ever before. Chloe showed an amazing series of one time changes, interpreting the music beautifully, Piaffe and Passage from Kaja, Pip showed one time changes, outstanding lateral work and beautiful artistic content with Gambardi, and Leonie showed Tinker off to his absolute best, with a display of lovely rhythm and interpretation. All the music Gaynor produced for the girls has been used very successfully in competition. Links available on the demonstration page.

Another really entertaining demo was at Cricklands, the David Broome Event Centre, where Gaynor played live keyboards with Nicola Howell on Finley, and Ceri Evans on Rio performing anything they were asked to. The film of the whole demo is available on a link in the Demonstrations page.

All Gaynor's Demonstrations have a mixture of teaching, drama and spectacle, always leaving the audience wanting more.

bobby and wally 


team hayler and gaynor     

Paul Hayler, Bobby Hayler on Active Walero and Gaynor Colbourn at a their Houghton Hall Demo. Watch the outstanding performance with the link below.


 matthew cox

Matthew Cox

sonia mayne

Sonia Mayne

Lectures and Demonstrations

Gaynor has done hundreds of Lectures and Demonstrations all over the world since 1980, with many of the worlds leading Dressage Riders. Richard Davison, Paul Hayler, Rebecca Hughes, Chloe Vell,Lucy Falle, Bobby Hayler, Jennie Loriston-Clarke, Trish Gardiner, Diana Mason, Nicky Sparrow, Stephen Clarke, Kate Hamilton, Matthew Cox, Lady Elizabeth Joicey, Lady Sylvia Locke, Phillipa Bishop, Para Rider, and many, many more. She has also done Quadrilles, Pairs, Driving to Music and Side Saddle to Music Demonstrations. The side saddle was with Jane Holderness-Roddam, riding the Badminton winner, Warrior. The demonstrations Gaynor does include sections on Schooling to music, where she both plays live, and uses her Schooling to Music CDs. This means local riders of all levels from prelim up can be involved in the demonstration. The demonstrations, which are unique, go through schooling to music, how to put together a freestyle, to actual choreographed tests, always with a well known Dressage Rider performing at Prix St George/Grand Prix as well as local riders at novice and elementaty.

She is producing top qualit, very successful Competition CDs for a significant number of clients, from Novice up to Grand Prix Special. Virtually every Rider for whom she has produced a Competition CD has either won their Freestyle to Music, or achieved the highest Artistic and Music score. A great record.

Gaynor did a demonstration at the National Dressage Championships, of Dressage to Music with Olympic star, Richard Davison with leading young rider, Bobby Hayler riding Active Walero, and Rebecca Hughes riding Aggasi.A link to a film of this demo is available on the demo page.


Sally Frost

Richard DAvison Bobby Hayler

 Olympic rider, Richard Davison                       Bobby Hayler


 lucy on nurejev

 Lucy Fallen

  Paul Hayler

Paul Hayler


leonie smith

Leonier Smith


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Gaynor Colbourn Dressage To Music Clinic And Demonstration On Saturday, 14th, September 2013 to be held at The Unicorn Trust in with Matthew Burnett, Chloe Vell, and guests to be confirmed


matt burnett1

Below, link to recent Patchetts Demo with Lucy Fallen


International Rider Lucy Fallen

and Gaynor Colbourn

Dressage to Music Clinic,

and Demonstration, with special guests,

Jonathon Boswell 



lucy fallen 2

     Lucy Fallen on Nurejev

Lucy Fallen has represented Great Britain since 2011. Firstly as a Young Rider and since the end of 2011, as a Senior at Small Tour level. In 2011, she came 6th in the National Intermediate 1 Freestyle Championships at Stoneleigh. She has achieved many top ten placings abroad, including in freestyle competitions. Riding Nurejev in the Intermediaire II Freestyle on Small Tour at Deauville, Lucy and Nurejev achieved 4th place with a superb 72% against a very strong International field.


 Jonathon Boswell

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National Dressage Championships Demo



 Gaynor in Concert with Amazonne 


               Rebecca Hughes    


 aimee witkin3    dan sherriff

 Aimee Witkin and Dan Sherriff      Dan Sherriff by Charles Best


Nicola Howell                                         


Phillipa Jane Bishop

 chloe vell

Chloe Vell


kaja and chloe

Chloe Vell




Charlotte Ward



Amanda Shirtclffe Para Rider