Sales from the THANK YOU NHS Album are beginning to raise money for our wonderful NHS, Support Workers and Essential Services. PLEASE help us to raise a super large amount of money for NHS, and other valuable causes. EVERY penny of profit goes to the Registered Charities, and every donation will be posted so you can see our efforts raising the money to save lives.

This week alone, as a result of their devoted care of Coronavirus patients, 3 Nurses, 5 Doctors and 1 carer have lost their lives in the UK, countless more worldwide.  The NHS Staff at the frontline of this pandemic, whether in hospitals, in care homes, in ambulances, in patients homes are at constant risk of contracting the virus. Despite Government efforts, the Personal Protective Equipment so desperately needed by these workers is slow to come. Money is needed for so many different needs, and we are letting these wonderfully selfless, brave, devoted staff be put in peril. We can help them.

As a professional Composer/Musician and performer, I have diverted my talents from creating music for TV/Film and Musical Theatre, as well as music for dressage which I am known for, into Composing and Recording an Album to sell and raise so necessary funds for our valiant NHS Staff, and those in exposed frontline industries. I have employed out of work musicians, studio technicians and paid them the MU rates, so giving some work to musicians whose livelihood has gone.

ALL the profits from the album selling for £15, currently £10 per album will go directly to NHS Donate. As the production costs of paying 12 self employed musicians for a minimum of 3 hours each are met, the amount going to NHS Donate will rise to the whole £15. Gaynor Colbourn has not and will not be taking any payment at all, having donated her composition and time.

The more we can sell, the higher the percentage will go to our amazing NHS.  Thank You.


Please read this in full.

Several NHS workers have already lost their lives after contracting the disease from patients and that number is likely to soar. UK clinicians: revised PPE guidance must be backed by adequate supplies.

April 4
Glen Corbin, healthcare assistant from Brent, north west London

April 3
Areema Nasreen, Walsall Manor Hospital

April 2
Aimee O’Rourke, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital, Margate

March 31
Dr Alfa Sa'adu, Whittington Hospital

March 29
Thomas Harvey, Upper Clapton

March 28
Amged El-Hawrani, Glenfield Hospital, Leicester

March 25
Dr Habib Zaidi, Southend Hospital

Dr Adil El Tayar, West Middlesex University Hospital



Composed by Gaynor Colbourn


These pieces of music reflect what these brave people are doing for us, and is a tribute to them and the people who have died of Coronavirus worldwide. 

  1. Enigma. What is this Coronvirus, it's not something we've heard of before. We are not recognising what the danger is, it is just a cold, or is it? Not sure, but people in China are ill, people are dying, it's certainly an enigma.
  2. Onset of the storm. The pandemic starts to take hold worldwide, countries are shutting borders, cruise ships arent allowed to dock, airflight is halted. What do we do next, we're not sure, there is such confusion, and we are so ill prepared..
  3. Here we are. The virus has spread worldwide so fast, we have to contain it. We must isolate ourselves from each other, the world is in lockdown.Track 4. Life has changed as we know it almost overnight. We cannot travel, we have to work from home if we can, many have lost their jobs and have no income, we can't see our familis. Is this going to be our future?. Life has changed as we know it.
  4. What is our future.  Life has changed as we know it almost overnight. We cannot travel, we have to work from home if we can, many have lost their jobs and have no income, we can't see our familis. Is this going to be our future?.
  5. Stepping Stones. We are starting to understand what we have to do to get through this as a nation, as a world. We must work together, give help where we can, be kind and thoughtful. Remember what our carers are doing and could be sacrificing for us.
  6. Possibly. We all have memories of what we used to have before the pandemic, before the isolation. A time to reflect on happier times from the past, and the positive future we have to look forward to.
  7. Night Falls. We are tired and frightened, we have been isolated and protected from danger in our own homes. We are safe, but those looking after us are in danger every day. They are caring for those who have the virus and are critically ill. They are at risk every day, they are scared but do their jobs, but cannot desert those who need them. How do these brave carers feel when night falls?.
  8. Thank you. They worked relentlessley, selflessly, doing what Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Paramedics, District Nurses Support Staff, Care Home Carers, Essential Workers, as these NHS Carers do. So many gave their lives caring for us, so to you all THANK YOU