Dressage to Music by Gaynor Colbourn

dtm logo 2014Gaynor Colbourn The Dressage to Music Wizard - a very well respected session musician and concert performer, composer for Film and Television, Musical Theatre,  as well as a Grand Prix Dressage Rider/Trainer herself who brings her talents to the dressage arena.

Winners Worldwide . A colossal 10,438 reported winners, 3349 2nd places, 3032 3rd places since she popularised DTM with Jennie Loriston-Clarke in 1980.

Winners in 2018  307 to Sept 1st, 7 UK Freestyle Champions, 3 Australian Champions.


    Gaynor doesn't only create music for British Riders, she has a very large International Clientele. This is Australian Star, Justine Greer, one of the large number of International riders who use Gaynor's music, winning her Inter 1 Class at Australia's DRESSAGE WITH THE STARS on Jaybee Cavalier March 24th 2018. Several Australian leading Australian Riders also use Gaynor's music. Rachelle Wilson and Charlie Welsh, who have both won every competition they have competed in using Gaynor's music, and Under 25's GP Rider Jorjia Adams who competes Internationally with Gaynor's music.

Gaynor's ability to play any style of music comes from years of working with top recording artists of all styles, and coming from a family who encouraged her to play all styles from a very early age. She started piano lessons at age 2, and has never stopped loving plaing. Her classical training, and work as a session musician ensures her clients have tailor made unique floorplans and dressage music in any style or genre with which they can enjoy and compete at the very highest of levels. Her simply huge number of winners is due to her love of the sport she created so many years ago, the delight she gets from the joy that she gives to all the riders in both clinics, and competition music, and the gradual progress from the beginnings in 1980 which Dressage to Music is making as a bona-fide sport.

Over the years Gaynor has been creating bespoke Music for Dressage, she has had over 10,000 winners around the world, making her probably the Worlds most successful producer of music for dressage. Not to mention 2nds, 3rds, etc. 2017 was just as successful with 98% of her clients winning. 19 in one day throughout the UK in April 2017! She is always very proud of her riders, winninig or not, and feels that the creation of Tailor Made music should be accessible for all riders, so this is not a money making exercise for her, she merely covers what it costs to produce the music for anyone.

She did two superb demonstrations playing the music live in the arena to packed houses at the Your Horse Live Show at Stoneleigh. She was not a stranger to performing at Stoneleigh, having previously done demonstrations at The Nationals with Richard Davison, Rebecca Hughes, Bobby Hayler and the wonderful Active Walero previously ridden by Olympic Dressage Rider, Nicola McGivern. Throughout 2017, her clinics and demo's have all sold out within hours, she has a huge success rate, with 75% going on to win, and the remaining 25% being highly placed. She charges the same for any level, £125 for a competition CD, and £155 for a place on her sell out clinics, which makes her both accessible and affordable for anyone. Her Dressage to Music Clinics now sell out within 20 minutes of being opened to the public.

Australian Under 25's rider, Charlie Welsh riding Esther winning her class at Boneo Park in Melbourne with music Gaynor created for her.


GB International Rider and Trainer, Luke Baber-Davies riding his home bred Disaronna, who he has trained, performing to music created by Gaynor at her Hascombe Gala Evening of Dressage to music.

Melissa Beer riding Guardadamas at Gaynor's West Sussex Demo, to music both composed and performed by her.


 Laura Woodcock, International Rider at Gaynor's Durham Demo.


Katharine Lewis and her Fresian Stallion Joss K won both the Elemetary and Medium Summer Freestyle Championships with music composed by Gaynor, from her very successful musical, The Fire of London, composed with Perryn Butler.

How Gaynor started in Dressage to Music.

I have been involved in Dressage to Music from 1980, when I started working with Jennie Loriston-Clarke at the sport’s inception. As a trained classical musician, composer and session musician in the recording and TV/Film world,  and rider, the two skills seemed to be destined to merge.  The initial idea came about when having dinner with John and Nereide Goodman, the owners of Wellington Riding in Heckfied. Their grand piano was conveniently situated near the television, when the Goodwood Grand Prix Special was being shown with the sound turned off. I was happily playing piano to the horses, in a way which was reminiscent of the silent movie films music. The rest is literally history, I met Jennie and our first joint venture was a superb demonstration of Dressage to Music at Wellington Riding, with Jennie riding the mighty Dutch Courage, a young Dutch Gold then working at Advanced Medium, and  Benjamin Bunny. Neirede Goodman rode Wellington Oliver in a beautiful Pas De Deux with Jeremy Michaels, her chief instructor on a lovely chestnut, whose name escapes me. I produced music for all the demonstration, and developed my trademark style of playing keyboards live in the arena, matching every move, tempo, change, and yes, even the odd shy and buck. 

Gaynor has said that the shere variety of music she is asked to do is astounding, with music from all genres, old, new, classical, rock, folk, metal, musicals.  reggae------- the list just goes on and on. Gaynor always makes her music foot tapping, fun, individual and most of all, tailor made in every way to the horse and the test. Judges can see music in harmony with the test, and the audiences love the drama and emotion put into the tests. Gaynor always approaches the music for her clients in a way which gets the most exciting experience for everyone, she is always pleased when clients say that the Freestyle made people cry. That means she achieves results on an emotional level as well as producing music that looks good in competition or demonstration.




Dressage To Music With Gaynor Colbourn

  • Gaynor is a professional musician with over 38 years of producing tailor made WINNING competition music for hundreds of riders worldwide and several of the World's leading Dressage Riders.
  • Dressage To Music Clinics and Demonstrations with live music 
  • Tailor-Made unique Competition CD's for all levels, any style or type of music. 

Unique music created specifically to suit you and your horse, their tempos, personality, with absolute precision with transitions, extensions, lateral work, giving light and shade dynamics throughout your Freestyle.This is key to achieving fantastic artistic marks, and Gaynor's music and floorplans score on average 8's and 9's, with more than a handful of perfect 10's! The average score for Gaynor's clients is over 80%, so you know you are in safe hands. Her music is NOT ripped from a library of cover music, it is created from scratch, instrument by instrument, in Gaynor's recording studio. She can even produce the music on a specific instrument, or in a specific style if you want. Her music is NOT produced using music software such as Protools, Logic or Cubase, then patch and pasted. As a highly skilled composer and recording musician, the music is played from scratch, on each and every instrument, as one piece of flowing music. Judges love Gaynor's toe tapping, lively music.

 patchetts demo1   patchetts demo2

Bobby Hayler on Highlander, Gaynor, and Lucy Fallen on Nurejev at the Patchett's Demo

zoe robert gaynor  zoe robert  

Zoe Sleigh on Robert with Gaynor Colbourn at Kings Equestrian in Hereford

matt burnett1

Matthew Burnett on Treviler Decanter



 Gaynor Colbourn is pleased to announce her new sponsors Blue Chip Feeds

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