Dressage to Music sponsored Riders


Riders Sponsored by Gaynor, Nicola Howell, from Wales, Rachelle Wilson, from Australia.

nic dante fin  nic champ

Nicola Howell, Welsh Champion, with Unison Nibely Hit and Summerhill Cyclone

August, Petplan championships - Dante won the novice open with Finlay coming second giving us qualifyers for the National Winter Championships, then Finlay won the elementary open and the music elementary could it get any better?..off to the Hartpury Championships in April 2014. She won the Sue Carson Welsh Dressage Championships 2013, Dante won the silver and Finlay the bronze. Nicola now has a string of very successful horses, Louis, Medium, Dante Medium, and Fin soon to be PSG. She has several youngsters she is bringing on, including Monty, a fabulous Apaloosa colt. This season is promising to be exceptional.

May, Interegionals -  Finlay and I won the novice section and got an amazing 76% score.


rachelle wilson  img-131141821-0003  william trot

Rachelle’s interest in horses has developed from a very early age. Interested in riding as soon as she could walk, a passion for all sports Equestrian grew from an early age. During Rachelle’s childhood she was encouraged to experience a number of disciplines and tried her hand at eventing, showjumping and endurance riding before settling on her passion for working on the flat. Rachelle spent many years as a young rider educating and showing a variety of horses from Arabs to Thoroughbred Hacks. After experiencing and winning most things in the show ring from Royals, Barastoc and Nationals, Rachelle wanted to be challenged further hence her passion for the sport of Dressage.

“I have been a serious Dressage competitor for many years with experience and success competing in the lower levels of dressage, up to and including the FEI levels. I am a semi-professional rider and trainer, coaching and conducting clinics around Victoria and when time permits, interstate. I also compete all over Victoria and interstate most weekends. I am a part time secondary school teacher a few days a week. The skills I have acquired being a classroom teacher certainly enhance my ability to assist and understand rider’s individual learning styles, making it easy for me as a dressage coach to adapt my teaching, enabling riders to achieve the most out of lessons. As a coach my passion is being part of the planning of goals and then assisting riders along their path to achieving such goals.

Over the past few years I have spent some time travelling, working and riding in Germany and the USA, learning from some very talented people in the industry:

  • 2006 - Lived in Germany working for European, World and Olympic Gold Medallist, Hubertus Schmidt.
  • Was part of the World Equestrian Games (WEG) 2006 Gold Medal winning German Dressage Team as groom for Hubertus            Schmidt.
  • Attended pre-WEG training clinics with the 2006 German Dressage Team, which was comprised of World Champion Riders: Hubertus Schmidt, Nadine Capellmann, Heike Kemmer and Isabell Werth.
  • Trained with and rode horses from 4yr olds to Grand Prix, daily with consistent guidance and tuition from Hubertus Schmidt.
  • Attended all International level competitions with Hubertus Schmidt.
  • 2007/2008 – Riding for Piaffe Performance barn in Florida, USA with Olympic and WEG rider, Dr Cesar Parra.
  • Invitation to return to work with World renowned Equine Physiotherapist, Dr Sheila Lyons in the USA.
  • 2009 – Updating trip to Germany visiting barns such as: Kris DeDonker (Young Horse Specialist and trainer), Wolfram Wittig (successful Dressage trainer/breeder and Isabell Werth’s coach), Ann-Katherine Schulten-Varendorf (Foundation Breeder of the Westfalian Warmblood in Germany), Hubertus Schmidt – returned to Fleyenhof.
  • 2013 – Returned to Fleyenhof for 5 weeks for training, focusing on the FEI movements, with Hubertus Schmidt. During my stay I was riding 5-6 of Hubertus’ own FEI horses each day, 6 days a week with constant guidance from Hubertus with each horse.


I have had many years of experience not only competing but also training horses from Novice up to and including FEI levels of Dressage. Being an EA/NCAS coach, I train a variety of horse/rider combinations from green/inexperienced to FEI level dressage each week. Being a qualified Myofunctional Therapist allows me to take on a more holistic approach towards developing a competition horse.


My main competition horse is my own Warmblood gelding, CJP Winchester (William), who is proving to love the sport of Dressage. William has been under saddle since I broke him in as a 4yr old. In the past 4yrs he has won many Open, Young Horse and now FEI small tour Championships.”