Dressage to Music Tailor Made and Unique

What do you want from Dressage to Music

Do you want tailor made music that no one else has, music that fits your horse and transitions exactly. Do you want music composed for you, do you want music no one else can source, do you want to impress the judges? Do you want your music to win? Katharine Lewis and Albertho Champions.

As the inventor of Dressage to Music as a competitive sport with Jennie Loriston-Clarke in 1980, Gaynor creates the music for riders to give joy and pleasure to the riders and the Demonstrations have always been in aid of charities, so over the years is proud do have donated to so many. Gaynor does not make any financial gain out of either creating the music or performing. The costs she 


incurs in creating the music for everyone, cost of travel to venues, hire of venues are recouped from riders, but are nonprofit making, and could be considered her hobby. Gaynor as the inventor of the sport continues to enjoy creating the music, and gets immense pride from the performances of the riders using her music, whether they win or not.