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Anne Marie Perry-Cowan GB International Grand Prix Rider.

She has been riding for as long as she can remember, it has been said that when she was young she was put on a pony as an alternative to a pram as it kept her much quieter! Her Background is horsey as her mum ran a BHS riding school at home and her family has always been involved with horses across all disciplines.

She was been brought up riding horses and ponies of all types, shapes and sizes and was a member of the South Durham Pony club. Before specialising in Dressage, she competed successfully Showjumping, Eventing and Working Hunter Classes.

In 2001 at 14 years old she qualified my Horse Forrest Fire and pony, Maeseyfron Rhett for the British Dressage National Championships at Stoneliegh Park. Annw Marie went on to win her Class (Open to senior riders) there on Forrest Fire, and since then has never looked back!

In 2002 she went back to the National Championships on Forrest Fire and won again at the next level up (Medium level). In this year she was then put onto the World Class Development Program for Potential Olympic Athletes. IShe was reselected onto this Lottery funded program through UK sport every year since. The programme provides an established development pathway for young, talented riders, with opportunities and access to further training and development as a potential Olympic rider.




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Gaynor is also sponsoring the leading Iberian Stallion, Guardadamas, owned by Naomi Vance Webb



International Grand Prix Rider Rachelle Wilson, from Australia.


Rachelle’s interest in horses has developed from a very early age. Interested in riding as soon as she could walk, a passion for all sports Equestrian grew from an early age. During Rachelle’s childhood she was encouraged to experience a number of disciplines and tried her hand at eventing, showjumping and endurance riding before settling on her passion for working on the flat. Rachelle spent many years as a young rider educating and showing a variety of horses from Arabs to Thoroughbred Hacks. After experiencing and winning most things in the show ring from Royals, Barastoc and Nationals, Rachelle wanted to be challenged further hence her passion for the sport of Dressage.

Rachelle's update 2020

* I had the opportunity to again be one of the coaches for the Victorian Interschool Dressage Team and the VEIS Team riders (Dressage, Eventing and Show riders) in preparation for the Australian Interschool Champs, where Victoria won the overall Championship! I have become the Toorak College Interschool Team Dressage coach, giving specialist Dressage clinics for the College throughout the year to prepare their strong team of Dressage, Event, Show Jumping and Show riders for many open and interschool challenges. This has been very rewarding being able to build on skills throughout the clinics. They are a very strong team so many individual and team championships have been won throughout the year.
* I have continued my role as one of Eventing Victoria's State coaches, working with the Senior, Young Rider and Development Squads.
* A new initiative I have been invested in developing and getting off the ground through Equestrian Australia/Equestrian Victoria this past year is the Victorian Dressage Development Squad. I have developed this squad as a pathway for riders who are just on the cusp of breaking into the State Senior Squad. I designed the squad to address more specifically, the individual needs of riders therefore it is less "lesson" based and more practical and educational. To date the riders have been involved with developing their own Athlete agreements and identifying areas for development. We have had a one on one Q and A night with Brett Parbery, Protocol day with international Judge and Grand Prix rider, Claire Ballantyne and face to face question time with National judges which was invaluable for many. Our upcoming clinic will involve rider bio-mechanics and assessment with  clinical Pilates on and off horse sessions. The squad has been very well received within the EV community with interest from Equestrian Victoria who are thinking of making it a compulsory pathway to the State Senior Squads!
* This year I will be starting my journey to becoming an EA Level 3 Dressage Specialist coach.
* After chatting with Hubertus Schmidt last week....later this year I will also be returning to Germany for a few weeks to train with Hubertus again! This I am really looking forward to.
In relation to my own horses, I have been busy even though I have not been competing! I have been able to nab Brett Parbery to visit on a regular basis to give clinics here at Melati Farm in Nilma North (where I now call home). Brett has been an invaluable support over the past year and I have booked him in to give clinics every 2-3 months throughout the year which will help me to get my crew whipped into shape and heading out to compete again.
CJP Winchester (GP horse) has had some time off. After having a break over winter so that I could finish breaking in my 5yo, William developed a nasty abscess lasting almost 2mths. after recovering from this he inured his knee "playing" in his extremely safe yard! Hitting it hard enough on a fence post, William created a huge haematoma in and around the joint! Luckily nothing is broken however it is taking a number of months for the haematoma to break down and full movement to return to the knee. We are on a rehab program however it will be a few more months before we are back to getting competition fit!
SPH Donner Cara (Med/Adv) has been training and is slowly consolidating her flying changes. We are looking towards a start in Advance level soon and once the changes are a little more solid, will be out in FEI level as all other FEI work is coming together easily.
Nalegra (5yo) is coming along very well and will make her dressage debut this year in Prelim/Novice. She is sensitive and electric but very exciting for the future!
Escarla (my German import is almost 3yo!!) has started on the road to being a big horse! I have started mouthing and driving her. She is being backed and has had her first little ride on the lunge. Now to put some leg aids into place and some steering while I'm on board and we will be on our way. Escarla is proving to be super sharp but sensible too. Looking forward to taking this one out!!