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Each of the Schooling to Music CDs takes you through a complete schooling session, all places and transitions. You will find the horses also enjoy working to music that is recorded specially for their paces. An hour riding to music goes very quickly as it is so much fun. There are Warmblood, Cob, Iberian, Swing for Cob/Iberian or Warmblood, 60's for Cob/Iberian or Warmblood, Celtic for Cob/Iberian or Warmblood, 1980's  for Cob/Iberian or Warmblood,  Love songs for Cob/Iberian or Warmblood, Musicals for Cob/Iberian or Warmblood. Christmas.

If you want your download on an SD card, or in a Wrist Speaker, this is an option available.

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These Schooling Sessions will help your rhythm, and make schooling more fun.