Dressage To Music Clinics and Demonstrations

This celebration Demonstration will feature several of the breeding line of Dutch Courage and Dutch Gold, and will be ridden by Jennie’s daughter, International Grand Prix Dressage Rider Lizzie Murray and Grand daughter, International rider Charlotte Dicker. Jennie and Gaynor will work closely together to show the movements, and how best to suit the tempo, the dynamics, the personality and cadence of the horses. They will be recreating the magic of that first ever demonstration, showing the audience the creation of tests of beauty and sensitivity. This celebratory demonstration will inspire and excite everyone who comes with the performances to tailor made, beautiful, unique music. 




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Gaynor runs SELL OUT clinics on a freelance basis and is available to hire by your Riding Club or Equestrian Centre or individual organiser. These clinics are unique, as every rider will have the experience of riding to music which Gaynor is playing LIVE in the arena. Her knowledge and technical prowess means you can ride to music of exactly the right tempo, and anything you choose will be suitable. None of this listening to CDs and wasting time finding somethingh suitable. Each rider will have fun riding to music that fits their horse exactly, played on top quality instruments through top quality amplification. You can either have Gaynor on her own to play the music and design a floorplan, or elect to have a trainer as well to coach and design the Floorplan. Gaynor films the floorplan being ridden, and the music is then produced in her State of Art Recording Studio. The CDs, due to so much demand now, take 3 - 4 weeks for delivery. . The music is produced as one continuous piece of music, the transitions are smooth, the rhythm and tempo perfect, and every movement, whether it is Leg Yield or Piaffe is musicsally enhanced. There are musical cues to warn of a transition coming up, so you will always know youir music. There is no patching and pasting as so many people do, Gaynor's music is a work of dedication to accuracy, feeling and enjoyment. The judges always love the toe tapping drama of Gaynor's music, back in 1980 when Gaynor did her first music for Dutch Courage, she even had Big Ben chiming throughout the canter pirroutes in the very patriotic routine, and has used bells and percussion to highlight pirrouttes ever since.The results of the Competition Music produced by Gaynor are astouinding, with the artistic scores always being very high. 



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Individual Clinics

The 55 minutes sessions are dedicated to creating your FloorPlan with a top dressage rider, whilst Gaynor plays live keyboards at the side of the arena.

Thus you are able to experiment with music, whilst you are coached by Lucy. Lucy,an extremely talented competitor at Advanced Level, will write you a floor plan which will not only suit your horse, but will be innovative, artistic, and build in degrees of difficulty to reflect your horse's strengths. This will be the start of your artistic Freestyle to Music Test.

When your choreography is done, you will be filmed riding your test. You will discuss with Gaynor what music you would like, and Gaynor will produce you a 100% accurate Competition CD back in her Recording Studio. Please note, as a highly qualified, and very experienced session musician, Gaynor records your music from scratch as a continuous piece vof music with all the transitions and paces matching your test perfectly. Unlike other people producing compilations for Competition CDs, Gaynor does not rip or use any music recorded by any other artist, thus you will have no copyright issues, and your music will be unique.

The cost is £155 per person for total package.

Don't forget to keep and eye on our forthcoming dressage to music events page to see if we have a clinic near you.