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Each of the Schooling to Music CDs takes you through a complete schooling session, all places and transitions. You will find the horses also enjoy working to music that is recorded specially for their paces. An hour riding to music goes very quickly as it is so much fun.

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Schooling to Music

Since 1981, I have created a series of 14 Schooling to Music CD’s which have standardised walk, trot and canter music, with transitions, have helped riders to recognise and maintain rhythm, as well as to make schooling more enjoyable. This uses music as an aid, and also introduces riders to riding to, and the interpretation of music in preparation for competing to music.

Any level, any size basically, can illustrate the benefit from of Schooling to Music . Just make sure that the speeds of each pace suit your horse/pony.

I have created 14 different Schooling to Music CDs, Cob, Iberian and Warmblood/Thoroughbred, a cob and warmblood version of Celtic, Swing, 60/70’s, 80’s, Rock, Musicals and Christmas . Each provides a selection of Walk, Trot, Canter and some Piaffe/Passage.

These are available as CDs, Downloads or can be uploaded onto an EQUIVISIONS Wrist Speaker. Julie Geraghty the Direc tor of Equivisions are working together to provide their excellent wrist speakers with my Schooling to Music uploaded on to them.These wrist speakers and my various Schooling to Music sessions are ideal for schooling to, or hacking out to, and even just listening to. The wrist speakers are available from Equivisions, with or without the schooling musicn and I highly recommend them as a must for schooling to if you don’t have access to an indoor arena with sound system.

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