Demonstrations of Musical Dressage


Gaynor works with the UKs leading Judges and Riders in her Galas, Masterclasses and Demonstrations, and in 2019 alone, worked with Jennie Loriston-Clarke, Tash Baker MBE, Stephen Clarke, Isobel Wessels, all household names in the World of Dressage. She has a terrific diary of events this year, and will be again seen on British TV at BBCs Countryfile Live in Windsor Great Park in August.



Gaynor was delighted to be invited to perform at the Your Horse Live Show, which is a highly respected and popular event in the Equine Calender. She brought with her Matthew Burnett and his glorious stallion, Treviler Decanter, and Joe Bright and his newly aquired Wodan. With Wodan at over 18 hands high, and the routines for both Decanter and Wodan designed for a 60 x 20 arena, we made the decision not to ride to the Competition Music Gaynor had prepared for them. Normally the Finale of Gaynor's shows is the drama of the Show Pieces, but with a considerably smaller arena, it was not possible to perform the 100% accurate PSG and GP Tests. Instead, Gaynor, Joe and Matt opted to improvise the whole show, both horses in together taking it in turns to demonstrate the movements to the music Gaynor was playing live on her very specialised Keyboards. This was more pressurised than riding show pieces, as the boys were relying totally on Gaynor telling them what was required. This did mean the audience was thrilled by seeing both horses working together, performing Piaffe and Passage sdide by side, double canter pirroutes next to each other. It was VERY successful, and credit must be given to both riders for pushing out the boat for the YHL audiences. Below are some clips of the demonstration taken by members of the audience. The riders both said how good the surface of the arena was, and the audience therefore did see the extended canters of both horses, which was very dramatic. It was a GREAT two days, and YHL were excellent hosts.

Dressage To Music Demonstrations and Performances are unique and immensley informative and entertaining 


Gaynor and Jennie Loriston - Clarke performed the first ever Dressage to Music Demonstration by a Grand Prix Rider and a Musician on October 27th 1980. Since then the discipline has grown considerable however Gaynor remains the only person perform alongside the horses and to create highly individual music, taylored to each rider and horse.

The musical demonstrations involve various performances from riders with Gaynor playing live keyboards.

These provide spectators a real insight into the discipline of Dressage To Music.  By actively encouraging local Riding Clubs or staff to become involved the demonstrations leads you through from Novice to Grand Prix riders and horses. It is with the highest levels of Grand Prix performances that the audience can enjoy watching rhythmical changes when the horse performs lateral movements, changes and Piaffe and Passage.  By showing all levels spectators can clearly see the benefits of Schooling to Music for any horse or pony.

The uniqueness of Gaynor playing live one her keyboards gives the audience a clear insight into the benefits of working to LIVE music, watching the horse and rider matching rythmn to the music.

Gaynors methods not only ensures no copyright problems with the Performing Rights Society.  Her method of looking at the whole picture ensures that riders and horses are provided with unique music and specifically designed floorplans ensuring the strengths of each rider and horse are maximised to the full.

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